Medina & Lara Associates

Medina and Lara International Associated Architects was established in 1997 when the founding members, Mr. Rafael Medina Morales and Mr. Clemente Lara de la Peña merged their own companies to approach international design works.

Being one of them Doctor in Architecture, the company has had since it was created a versatile career. Since then, Medina & Lara International Associated Architects is focussed on providing high end services based on added value designs as a result of our close collaborative interaction with our clients trying to provide smart solutions to design challenges, paying attention to each of the small details without losing the idea of the whole.

The typology of the project, the requirements and the clients’ expectations will set the goals to achieve and this will be performed through an interactive process between the client and the Consultancy Office. Public institutions, royal families, ministries, private clients or real estate companies, have been some of the client´s profile range we have worked for.

We also should mention that, since we started the company, we have worked in close cooperation with international design firms around the world: USA, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, U.K., Japan, Jordan, etc. Thus, the Team is experienced in working as per different Country codes, architecture cultures, construction methods and regulations, and all this allows Medina & Lara Associated Architects to deliver expert services for each project conditions.

Our multidisciplinary design team includes architects, interior designers and planners who are used to work in collaborative environments.